About the Author

Pat pix March 2019

I’m a writer and animal advocate. I’m also a wife, mother of 2 sons, and grandmother of 2 boys. I’ve enjoyed a good, somewhat challenging life, lived in a lot of different places, including Germany, and served in the United States Air Force.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, taking care of my husband,our home, and our animals. We’ve had up to 11 animals at one time, including an iguana, 2 horses, several dogs, cats, and an orphan prairie dog. We’ve loved them all to the end. Presently we have 4 dogs and 3 cats. All rescues, of course. My writing most always includes an animal or two.

My first book: Christmas Cookies – A Delicious Manger Story was important for me to publish. Christian based, I wanted to honor God with my first work. I think the message of love and wisdom is ageless and necessary.

My other writing is mostly fiction. I like it all, drama, mystery, fantasy, historical romance, and post-apocalyptic. I believe to write well, you have to read well and often, fiction and nonfiction. Like most serious, idea-filled writers, I have several books in process.

To my fellow writers: I believe if you’re actively writing, you’re NOT a”wanna-be”. If anyone asks you what you do, tell them, “I’m a writer.” Don’t be shy about it. Be proud. Meanwhile, my advice is to relax, research, read, sit at your desk to write, and enjoy your craft. If it’s your dream to publish your works, then publish and move on to your next project.

Write on!